A mind opening article on NFC

I bumped into this post on Contactless Payments group on Linkedin, which is about a great article on NFC Should Stand For “Needs Further Clarification” by Nick Holland from Yankee Group. I find the article very mind opening, especially for the banking/card payment world planning pilots/projects on NFC.

The adage “if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail” is an apt description of current payment industry thinking. What is the most obvious use of contactless technology? Payment card. What does everyone want their phone to be? Payment card. What is your favorite color? Payment card.
Please read the full article on StorefrontBacktalk. Nick very well puts the ugly truth that NFC does not only mean processing a contactless payment transaction from the handset. A clear value proposition -other than the payment itself- must be defined for the contactless environment for an NFC payment application over the handset to be successful.

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