A new dual interface smart card from ACS : ACOS7

ACS announced its new dual interface smart card ACOS7. ACS is a Hong Kong based company working on smart cards and readers. Their product portfolio is quite strong, they almost have everything that you can imagine. I especially love the card readers of ACS.

ACOS7 seems an addition to their ACOS family optimised for transportation. It has 8 kb of application memory which is pretty suitable for a transportation applications. ACOS7 has almost every feature you’d expect from a dual interface card product positioned for transportation; from hardware based random number generator to support for ISO7816 Part 4 file structures: transparent, linear fixed, linear variable, cyclic which are essential for transportation logging mechanisms.

I got the impression that ACOS7 is especially targeting the Chinese market, but I think they could do quite well in Europe, too.

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