Apple’s implementation of NFC

My previous post on Apple’s NFC support on iPhone got the most hits among all the content here. Luckily, it turns out that next generation iPhone will have the NFC support. Near Field Communications’s post was linking the Apple Insider’s post, which has all the details of the patent application of Apple on sharing data between NFC enabled devices. Apple’s understanding of NFC is to syncronise devices over a contactless interface. Sounds logical.

In every NFC promo video, you can see people exchanging contacts and some other information by touching their phones to each other. It seems iPhone will be the first commercially available device to actually do this. I can imagine the ads of the next generation iPhone; how people will be touching their shiny iPhones to other iPhones, Mac Books, iPod Touchs and Apple TVs. This is a very good news for the NFC world.Think of people sending each other files between their iPhones. Banks, fast food restaurants, online stores, almost all types of businesses already have their own iPhone applications. I can imagine how the NFC chip will extend their applications into contactless loyalty schemes or secure identification media. My forecast is that payment will come later, possibly after people are convenient with their iPhone’s contactless ability. Of course the TSM context needs to be stabilised in the minds of decision makers of the payments industry. I hope this happens before the iPhone’s “possible” NFC boom.

On the other hand, just like touch screens, I think this move will lead to many handset manufacturers to follow the lead and integrate NFC chips into their products. Eventually this will lead MNOs to create their value added services on NFC hardware. Banks, transport operators, loyalty schemes, etc will have much more creative products. I think, and strongly believe that current NFC hardware and software developers will be securing their future -hopefully not in a long time.


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