Chinese are coming

China is a huge country. When you have the population of that much, it’s not logical to pay license fees, but better to develop your own standards. They did it on blueray equivalent media and on payment card applications. China has a payment system of its own, called CUP and NFC World’s latest article says that they will do the NFC on their own way too.

There’s also an interesting card manufacturer company in China, Watchdata. I have personally been following the products of Watchdata for a few years and they are really coming. When I first met with Watchdata dual interface cards, they did not had the EMV, so I was unable to use it. In time, they got the EMV certification and much more. I have seen their chip products replacing many competitors around the world. I saw Watchdata presenting their products around Europe in many respectable events.

Sim Pass is especially an interesting product of Watchdata. Instead of waiting for handset manufacturers to release NFC complaint devices, they developed a SIM card with an embedded antenna. This way, people have a handset which is capable of contactless payment transactions regardless of the handset they have. It’s a very innovative product of its kind, but I don’t think it will reach Europe, since it’s not the European way. But it’s quite a successful implementation step for the mobile contactless payments, that’s for sure.

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