Contactless reader device for home use?

According to the post at NFC News, ASK released a contactless reader device for home use. Reader is connected via USB port and is compatible with all popular contactless card types.

Contactless readers attached to PC over USB port has been available in the market for a long time. Aiming the end users who has a contactless card for transportation, it’s a very nice feature for both the user and the operator to top up the card at home. The user is free to top up any time and the operator gets rid of distribution channels cost for top up. Everyone is happy.

On the other side there are very obstacles for this dream to come true: It’s quite hard to distribute the readers and the software to the end users. Who will be in charge of the cost of the reader and the software? How secure is to give the card holder the ability to trace the transaction at his/her own PC? For the power users things may be easy but for the average people it will be hard to install the driver of the reader, software and the connect to a financial service for top up.

We will see how successful will the reader become…

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