Fast track at the airport : TAV Passport Card

Passing through airport gates and check in procedures always require a very long time to be spent in the airports. Thanks to contactless devices, that may be history.

Contactless ecosystem and airport check in services has much to offer together. TAV Passport card is no exception in that sense. TAV is the operator of biggest 3 airports in Turkey -and a few more in neighboring countries. They are doing excellent job in running these airports, yet they developed a contactless card for frequent flyers.

TAV Card is a contactless card -mifare 1k- offering:

  • a special gate for fast entrance to airport
  • business check in -regardless from your ticket type
  • free parking at the airport parking area for 30 days/year
  • airport transfers
  • fast passport control at a special gate for TAV card holders
  • discount rates at duty free
  • discount rates at the coffee shops at the airport

It’s a very well designed product for frequent flyers which need speed and convenience on the time they spend at the airport. Contactless devices provide these requirements, so it’s the correct choice to use a contactless card.

Castle POS terminals were used and credits go to Verisoft for developing the whole system.

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