Gemalto joins Open Handset Alliance

Gemalto announced that Gemalto joined the Open Handset Alliance. I find this a very good news for the NFC world.

Android platform was an initiative by the Open Handset Alliance. Almost all of the researches point out that Android will be one of the most popular mobile operating systems of (very near) future. Android runs not only on mobile phones but a range of mobile devices varying from netbooks to internet tablets. I believe Android will penetrate into more devices like running on embedded systems.

So what does Gemalto’s joining to Open Handset Alliance mean in terms of contactless systems? First of all, Gemalto is the first and only company on secure payment and identification technology in the alliance. Gemalto is clearly the biggest company that has the expertise on the application level security for payment/identification chips, which I believe will boost the NFC implementation on Android OS. Gemalto has all the necessary know how and sources for developing a generic NFC API for Android which will encourage handset manufacturers for more handsets supporting NFC. On the application level, this will lead the huge Android developer community to implement many NFC applications – and not only payment.

Since it’s now widely believed that next generation iPhone will have some kind of contactless interface, now almost all major mobile platforms (Symbian- of course, iPhone and now Android) will have native support for NFC.

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