Mobile contactless payment white paper from EPC and GSMA

With the release of Mobile Contactless Payments Service Management Roles Requirements and Specifications white paper prepared by EPC and GSMA, I think I have now the responses of my post on practical barriers of NFC.

EPC is the decision making and coordinating body of banks regarding payment for EU region. The main reason of EPC’s existence is to develop and maintain the SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) and I believe they made a good job so far. And GSMA represents the interests of the worldwide mobile communications industry in 219 countries with nearly 800 mobile operators and 200 more companies within the ecosystem of mobile networks.

So, the co-operation of these two organizations on mobile contactless payments definitely filled a gap in the NFC related mobile contactless payments space. Now banks and mobile network operators have a reference document defining the commercial relations, technical roles, operational workflows and most importantly a single user experience approach for the customer. Although I am still not sure how much binding will this document be for the banks and mobile network operators but it will definitely help new projects.

The main highlights of the document are;

  • Setting the definitions of all context
  • Defining clear explanations of the roles
  • Defining the lifecycle management of the mobile contactless payment application
  • Examples of various scenarios of mobile contactless payment implementations between banks, TSMs and mobile network operators.
The below figure is an extract from the document which I believe is the heart of the document defining the lifecycle starting from the application to termination of the service.
I think anyone interested in the subject must read the paper which can be download from here.

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