We are living in the ecosystem and API age. It would be almost impossible for Apple to have this success for its mobile devices if they didn’t provide the APIs to access the capabilities of their hardware components through their SDK. This API environment created the ecosystem that developed all those applications that people are crazy about. Who would use an iPhone on which you could just make phone calls, send text and e-mails only?

It is the ecosystem that boomed around Apple created its huge success. And it is not just for Apple. Google, Blackberry, Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, you name it. The surrounding ecosystem is the key for the success.

NFC and contactless ecosystem is formed by contactless chips, contactless reader chips, SoCs, mobile operating systems, Windows, Linux, Mac operating systems, embedded terminal environments, etc. Companies developing NFC and contactless applications/solutions are connecting those APIs and services together for a broader use case or a product/services.

NFC and contactless ecosystem is still in its early years. Yet, I’ve bumped into this great mentoring program for startup companies focused on NFC and contactless, which I believe is a great step forward for the ecosystem.

It is program of the Startupbootcamp organisation which provides early seed funding and mentoring to the startups. It is a great organisation for creative and talented people to boot up their companies and projects. Now they are on their way to support NFC and contactless projects.


If you have a project or a product on NFC or contactless space, this program is a great opportunity for you. Use this link to explore the NFC&ContactlessXL program which will take place in Amsterdam starting on October 14th, 2013.

I salute the people who have put efforts on this program, good job! I will try to catch up any companies or products that will emerge by the help of it.

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