Nokia : comes with NFC

Nokia has always been the pioneer handset manufacturer in the NFC environment since the beginning. Nokia released the SDK of handsets with secure elements located in the handset and in the SIM over SWP years ago. So, I had felt disappointment to hear that the long awaited handset supporting NFC Nokia 6212 was canceled.

Fortunately, Nokia announced that all new Nokia smart phones will support NFC starting from 2011. There’s even more; the secure element will be located every location possible on the handset, not only in the SIM. This means that every player in the NFC space will have their chance to play in the game. Near Field Communications World reports that Nokia Executive Vice President for Markets Anssi Vanjoki made the announcement on Mobey Forum‘s 10th year anniversary in Helsinki.

This is a great news, not only for NFC enthusiasts, but for Nokia, too. Nokia has fallen apart from the smart phone wars (in terms of application store-wise) and I think this will be a big step for Nokia in the smart phone market. I think a killer NFC application will help a lot.

Edit : Turns out that it will be a feature of upcoming Symbian 4 platform and only selected handsets will have NFC support. For details please see here.

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