OSPT Alliance

For long years, Mifare has been the king of public transportation as the ticketing platform. As I already mentioned few times, Mifare has been insanely successful, yet it was proved to be not secure any more. However it still works for may transit operators and NXP made its move to secure it with more products.

Competition against Mifare has been with mainly by Calypso and Felica and now yet there’s another player in the game.

To combat with Mifare, Gisecke&Devrient, Infineon, Inside Secure and Oberthur formed the Open Standart for Public Transport Alliance. (OSPT) What OPST is providing is basically a standards based, cost effective and secure chip platform called CIPURSE for contactless ticketing. Mifare is proprietary, you need to license it from NXP. OSPT suggests that being open and standards based is more secure and cost effective. Unlike Mifare’s cracked proprietary security algorithm, the security layer of the OSPT is AES 128 bit, which is the ultimate security you can get for now.

OSPT has been around for some time and now the SDK has been released. That means ticketing implementations can now officially be started for a new platform. Of course it is not an easy job to start a new platform from scratch but the companies in the alliance already have many customers and connections in the ticketing space and I am sure we will hear an announcement soon with the CIPURSE.

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